Fresh Seniors - by Fresh Art Photography

what to wear

The first question we always receive is WHAT DO I WEAR?!?

That's easy!

Bring your closet with you! HA! Really, there are a few guidelines we always suggest when planning what to wear for your session...

* Think in layers: if you have a cute shirt and jeans, bring jewelry or scarves or a jacket to change it up a bit without having to completely change clothes!
* Think in color: We love to find interesting and colorful locations but ultimately we want YOU to pop in each photograph! Don't be afraid to experiment, we can help you put outfits together to coordinate with your surroundings.
* Think about YOU: What do you LOVE to wear? What's the first thing you'd put on if every item of clothing you own is clean in your closet? What is YOU right NOW? If you have something in mind, BRING IT!
* Think about classic: As much as we want you to be you, also think of at least one outfit that won't look "SO 2011" in 30 years! A simple dress, jeans and a t-shirt, etc.
* Think more is better: Bring it all! When in doubt, bring it! Pack your trunk and we will help you chose what works best!