Angela and I went back and forth about what kind of session to do and ended up deciding to do an at-home lifestyle session. I was SO excited! It’s been a while since I did an official lifestyle session and they are just some of my FAVORITES! Angela sent me a list of all the things they love doing together as a family and I think we hit every single one! It was awesome! Busy and loud and fun and just so full of love and joy! It was FAMILY and it was perfect!

Leaving their house all I could think about was how beautiful family is. How the corrections and little bits of discipline that happened while I was there was probably hard for Angela and Todd but how all I saw was beauty. We are our own worst critics aren’t we? When we look in the mirror all we see are the extra pounds, blemishes, wrinkles and gray hair. When we walk in our door the first thing we see are the crumbs on the floor, the piles of laundry and the toys out of place. We love our kids but we notice their arguing over their kindness some days. But then someone else comes to your house and notices all the little things you’ve done to make it a home. They tell you how beautiful it is. People look past your gray hairs and tell you how gorgeous your smile is. I think sometimes it takes a friend, or even a stranger, to remind us just how blessed we really are. How beautiful our life is.

In the Spittal home all I saw was beauty. A busy, fun, crazy beautiful family!

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See? Beautiful right?

Happy Tuesday!